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Let's lighten and simplify time management

Oplan offers an ecosystem of time management tools for teachers and students designed to reduce learning inhibitors like performance anxiety and procrastination.

Oplan™ Web App.

Web application for planning, collaborating and time management

Oplan software : create a step
Oplan software : creating a plan
Oplan software : print your plan
Oplan software : playing a plan
Oplan software : reading plan statistics

Improves classroom management

By reducing the need to repeat information or monitor time, teachers have more time to help students understand.


The ease-to-use software makes it simple for the user to adjust their own plan in an instant.

Self-awareness and improved metacognition

By providing data allowing the user to understand and reflect on their strengths and challenges.

Builds resilience

Students can face challenges against which they can take action and learn from their efforts in a supportive environment.


For course planning, activity management, distance learning and to support students in their academic progress.


For creating plans for special needs students, creating work plans for special needs students, and for tracking progress in organizational skills.


For the development of organizational skills through the creation of a plan. For effective visual support during presentations and for real-time feedback during task completion.

Interactive Smart Board Oplan AppLaptop Oplan AppTablet Oplan appPhone Oplan app


Classroom assistant device for time and task management

Time management in evaluation situations

Stress, anxiety, increased body temperature and others are disruptors of time perception. The minimal cognitive processing needed for the visual clue leaves all the energy for the task at hand.

Structures group activities easily

SEQUENCE™ and its plans can easily be shared and used in smaller groups, for projects or workshops.

Promotes self-regulation and autonomy

By displaying all the information needed and fostering task-engagement.

Know what and when at a glance

Our easy to process time cues combined with our plans grounds the user in action in one look.


For the creation of personalized plans, group workshop organization, workshop implementation, coaching and to equip families to structure homework.


For behavior management through the development of self-regulation and autonomy.


To know what to do and when to do it. For intrinsic action and to meet deadlines thanks to the easy-to-handle timeline.

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Testimonials from our users

Preschool teacher
École St-Gabriel
Ms. Geneviève
Just as Newton said, "When two forces are joined, their effectiveness is doubled. "Oplan's strength combined with our teaching increases the efficiency and speed to complete tasks. Children are motivated and want to finish things before the end of the blue visual cue. It also allows students with immigrant backgrounds to follow along despite the language barrier.
Centre des services scolaires des Appalaches
Special education teacher
Polyvalente de Disraëli
Ms. Marie-Ève
Simply brilliant! Oplan allows students to better structure their learning during the period. It's a visual tool too! A plus for special needs students! They ask for more!
Centre des services scolaires des Appalaches
Special education teacher
Polyvalente de Thetford
Ms. Maryse
- Oplan for me is a quick and easy way to help my students get organized and finish on time.
- Oplan frees up my time to help my students understand rather than help them get organized.
- Oplan helps me plan my lessons and work to be done, while helping students get organized and meet deadlines.
Centre des services scolaires des Appalaches
Centre d’éducation des adultes l’Escale
Ms. Judy Ann
Oplan has allowed me to organize my students' work in a structured way! What a great product! Oplan is MY classroom support partner! Breaking up my students' work is easy with Oplan! Oplan is a silent guide for anxious students. Planning takes on a whole new meaning with Oplan. What a support!
Centre des services scolaires des Appalaches
Elementary teacher - grade 5
St.Patrick’s Elementary School
Ms. Turcotte
I love using Oplan with my students! It helps them stay focused and organized. Also, it helps them THOROUGHLY complete one task/step at a time as they get to see the expectations for each one.
St-Patrick elementary school logo
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